Parking Lot Sweeping

Important reasons to sweep your parking lot regularly:
  1. Give your customers the best first and last impression of your business, and let your parking lot speak for how you run your business.
  2. People shop where they perceive the business to be successful. Obviously, all business would like to have a clean parking lot. Unwillingness to keep the area clean could be perceived as lack of success or care.
  3. A clean lot discourages customers to leave their trash there. It can also reduce the incidence of a slip and fall lawsuit.
  4. You may have the best looking building and landscaping but it will be overshadowed if your parking lot is full of trash and debris. Customers are often times less likely to shop or enter a parking lot that has obvious signs of neglect
  5. Rodents and pest that breed rapidly are attracted to dirty areas and unkempt lots looking for food.
  6. Abrasive material such as SAND, DIRT, SALT that have not been swept up will cause over time cracking and wear on concrete and asphalt, also the frequency that repairs come up will increase. The weight of vehicles driving across the abrasive materials will act as an industrial sander shortening the life of your pavement and increasing the frequency of seal coating and striping. The abrasive debris is also carried into the building on the bottom of shoes, shopping carts, two wheelers, etc. damaging tile and carpet. It is also a major factor in driving up the cost of floor care.
    When dirt and sand are allowed to stay on pavement, they quickly start deteriorating the pavement material. This is especially harmful when dirt collects and weeds begin to grow. Their roots cause cracking in cement and asphalt.
  7. Grass will grow in cracks rather quickly if dirt and debris are allowed to stay.
  8. You will help the environment by sweeping your lot regularly, this keeps dirt, oils and trash from entering our storm drains and eventually entering our streams and lakes.
  9. Staying one step ahead of your competition will greatly increase your business. Having your lot regularly cleaned will attract more customers and encourage loyalty with existing customers.
  10. How your business looks reflects the entire area of commerce. If you set the example of what professionalism should look like your business will be more profitable.


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